Most attractive for investing Industries


Tourism is one of the most attractive sectors of the economy of a municipality.

Having the richest natural and climatic resources (sea, beach, balneological resources, mineral waters, etc.), the Zelenograd has a huge potential for the development of the tourist and recreational sphere, which is currently not being used intensively enough.

The territory of Zelenogradsk district is dominated by a moderate, transitional from maritime to continental climate with mild winter (average January temperature is 3 ° C), moderate summer (average July temperature is + 17 ° C). The average sea temperature in the summer is from 16.5-17 ° C to 21-22 ° C. The average annual rainfall is about 800 mm per year, mostly in summer. The number of hours of sunshine is about 2000 per year.

Most attractive areas of tourism development are: health and fitness, active, rural, ecological, water, cultural, educational, event, business tourism.

On the territory of the district there are more than 100 hospitality facilities (collective accommodation facilities, medical and sanatorium facilities, recreation centers (campgrounds), children's summer recreation camps, rural estates, food outlets (restaurants, cafes, bars)).

The total number of beds is 4,600, of which 3,100 are located in Zelenogradsk, 1,398 - on the Curonian Spit.



Main advantages of territory of Zelenogradsk district are:

· closeness to the center of Region – Kaliningrad

· developed infrastructure (gas, electricity and water supply)

· developed transport and road network

Also on the territory of district situated prepared places for investors

Industrial park “Khrabrovo”

Investing site “Kamenka”



The total area of agricultural land in the district is 43,497 ha, of which the area of agricultural land is 38,774 ha. The use of agricultural land in the district in 2017 was 14,774 ha, which amounted to 38.1%. It gives to investors big possibilities for development.

Average price of one Ha is 1300 Dollars